Lavishness in Every Corner of Shangri La Singapore

Lavishness in Every Corner of Shangri La Singapore

Lavishness in Every Corner of Shangri La Singapore
Lavishness in Every Corner of Shangri La Singapore


Shangri La Singapore never fails to charm all visitors, whether they choose to spend the nights for staycation Singapore or merely for foreigners for having family vacations or business-related matters. This hotel is always famous for its charming, lavish exterior and interior.

What Can Guests Expect?

Guests can expect everything based on their needs. They can enjoy this hotel for their romantic getaways. But, others opt to stay here because they want to enjoy family holidays, thanks to the family-friendly features. However, business people find this hotel is much support for them, due to the business amenities that suit all business purposes.

How Strategic is The Location?

It is true that Shangri La Singapore lies a little bit far from public places. But, it doesn’t mean that it is out of reach. Guests can access Orchard Road within 15 minutes walking. Lies on a 15-acre land, the surrounding is somewhat quiet, so it becomes the best place to enjoy the serene surrounding.

However, walking along the road to Orchard Road will not make anyone tired. There are outstanding stores as well as choices of eateries. Of course, it is the real deal for guests who love to walk along the paved, neat pedestrian to have wonderful sightseeing.

Anyway, reaching some places take a longer time. Guests will need to take another public transportation for reaching the subway. They can also reach The Changi International Airport within 30 minutes by taxi. The closest one might be Chinatown in which requires fifteen minutes by taxi.

Elegant Rooms and Suites Ease All Exhaustion

Do you want to a whole day strolling around the city? It is what most guests of this one of the best Singapore hotels do. They don’t mind because they know that they can enjoy the cozy rooms that Shangri La Singapore offers. It is not hard to imagine that all rooms must be very spacious, as the hotel lies in a wide area.

All of those ample rooms have various styles that all guests who want to enjoy staycation Singapore can choose based on their needs. There are rooms in Tower Wing, Valley Wing, and Garden Wing. All of them have various decorations, though all of them provide a very modern, contemporary style in earth tones. Most of them offer wooden floors, though the more expensive rooms are adorned with lush carpeting in gray, along with outstanding chandeliers above.

Luxury amenities include facilities for making tea and coffee, flat-screen televisions, minibars with full stock, free Wi-Fi, and also completely equipped, bathroom amenities. Of course, all bathrooms are highly spacious that they can deliver refresh for all guests.

Any idea about the suites in  Shangri La Singapore? You do not have to imagine it because all of them are beyond anyone’s imagination. All suites are full of luxury amenities with personal services. Toiletries are from Bulgari, so expect to enjoy total lush for refreshment, along with the very luxurious style of bathroom. There are private balconies with personal hot tubs, as well as lounge chairs.

There is no need to describe more because all you have to do is to visit Shangri La Singapore yourself and stay at this wonderful staycation Singapore hotel. You won’t regret choosing this hotel, regardless of what your purpose is.



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