How to Rent Villa in Bali

Bali is one of the most visited places by tourist. It can be domestic tourists and foreign tourists. Most of them choose to stay in villas so they can vacation for a few days. So it’s not a strange thing if there are lots of Bali villas for rent.

A Several Steps to Rent Villa in Bali

There are some steps that you have to know for renting Villa in Bali. It can help you to be professional tenant although it’s your first experience renting a villa.

1. Contact the Management or Villa’s Marketing Directly

First thing that you have to do for renting villa is contacting the villa’s management. It is useful to get complete information about the villa such as its hospitality, facilities, service, etc. On the other hand, you can get a good price by negotiate with them.

2. Set the Date

Another thing you should do is set a date for your stay. You have to adjust the date according to which villa is not rented on that date. Or if you can’t change the event date then you can look for another villa to rent. To avoid high prices, do not order on certain days such as Christmas or holidays.

3. Counting the Number of People

Knowing the number of people who will stay is the next steps that you have to do. It is to determine the number of rooms that will be rented. The number of rooms is directly proportional to the price. Usually, one room is available for 2 people.

4. Knowing Villa’s Location

Before deciding to rent a villa, make sure you have known the location. Choose a villa that is close to the tourist destination you will visit to minimize transportation costs. You can use Google map to know the Bali villas for rent.

5. Budged

You have to prepare a budget that fits the villa you are going to rent. Most villas in Bali are private. So, the cost you have to prepare is also quite high to be able to rent a villa in Bali. But there are also villas with cheap prices but the service is not as good as private villas.

That’s all the information about How to rent villa in Bali. If you want to find Bali villas for rent, you can find at Bali Villa R Us to get complete information about rental Villa in Bali.

By arief