Fullerton Hotel Singapore

When you decide to use Staycation Singapore Deals to choose Fullerton Hotel, it is not the wrong choice. You could even say it was a good choice. Why is that so? Of course, because this hotel offers a wide selection of bedrooms that you can choose from according to your needs. Interestingly, all rooms at this hotel always prioritize comfort without gaps.


Fullerton Hotel Singapore provides a wide selection of rooms. One of them is Heritage. This type of room is arguably pretty unique because it has a design that describes the characteristics of the Fullerton building itself.

This room has one King bed or one Twin bed. You can choose which bed suits your needs. In this room, you can enjoy the facilities provided by the hotel like air conditioning, minibar, and television. In addition, you can also use the available coffee or tea maker.

How about the bathroom? You can use showers, toiletries, and hair dryers which are usually needed for personal hygiene.

In Fullerton, there is a large swim area. It will be so refreshing if you clean yourself after swimming with your family in the private bathroom. You can take a rest after that or continue your vacation to some other places near the hotel.

Outside the hotel, you will see many adorable city landscapes that will amaze you as a tourist. Even if you are on your business schedule and have no time, you can make it with limited time.

Luxury Escape

Do you need a room for two adults and two children? A luxury escape room is the best choice in this hotel. As a hotel that prioritizes comfort, Fullerton Hotel Singapore always provides a place with the right design. Like in this room for example.

This room type is presented with a choice of one king bed or one twin bed. With security in the room that is maintained, this room is equipped with air conditioning and television.

When relaxing with your little family, you can use the minibar and coffee or tea maker provided in this room. In addition, you can also use a quality shower, toiletries, and hairdryer. You also don’t need to worry about cleanliness because all the facilities in this room are always guaranteed.


With a wider room size than other types, this room type can be called a luxury room offered by Fullerton Hotel Singapore. The location of this room is on the top floor of the hotel so it gives a different experience than others.

Because it is at the top, you can see the beauty of the popular Singapore River or Marina Bay. Equipped with one King bed, this room can be used for parents and a child. The facilities provided are the same as other rooms. What is different is the view given by this room. You can realize this choice with Staycation Singapore Deals to save even more.

Enjoy your vacation in Singapore by choosing this hotel through Staycation Singapore Deals. Do not miss this opportunity.

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